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Ignite Game Technologies is a Silicon Valley-based online gaming company founded in 2008 by skill-quantification expert Jonathan Haswell to produce a new kind of racing game. The result, Simraceway, was launched in public beta in November 2011. It has the distinction of being able to leverage a team of world-class drivers and a permanent real-world racing facility—the Sonoma Raceway-based Simraceway Performance Driving Center – for R&D. Read More

Skillquant Gaming Metrics

Skillquant is the world's highest-fidelity videogame skill metering system. It provides a forensic insight into player abilities, enabling highly-accurate in-game skill matching.
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The World of Simraceway

Simraceway is a constantly-updated online racing game featuring highly-realistic licensed cars, precisely recreated tracks, and industry-leading vehicle physics.
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Latest News

Racecar Engineering | July 4, 2012

The UC Berkeley FSAE team has teamed up with Simraceway to develop its 2012 car. To prove the accuracy of the software the team did a back to back run with the…
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Mobile 1 - The Grid | June 8, 2012

Dario Franchitti 2012 – Mobil 1 the Grid

Dario begins the testing of the DW12 and its virtual counterpart developed by Simraceway.
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BLOG | September 8, 2011

PC vs. Console

For some time we have been noodling the ongoing debate of PC vs. Console. After hours of discussion and debate around the domination of the PC market, we had an…
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